Check it out! We are back in business with USA-made micro mount boxes…

OLD SCHOOL like David Shannon made back in the day: Clear on black base, clear on Clear base, black on black base, clear on clear base!

You get the idea-complete adaptability to your individual micros

Back from a great Tucson Show. On April 13 we will be previewing the James Daly collection at the Arizona Mineral Symposium. Thousands of micromounts and thumbnails, rare species, collectible localities, unusual associations. For more information and registration details, go to flaggmineralfoundation.org. You must register for this event.

We are working hard to bring you a one-stop-shop source for all of your mineral collecting hobby needs.

Display specimens to rare species, fold up boxes, and flats to put them in, classy euro-style plastic display cases, and the GeoTac to mount your specimens.

We offer it all ... Power sprayer water guns, microscopes, UV lights, Zuber trimmers, and much, much more.

Thanks for your interest, have fun and I hope you will find something of interest!


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