Mineral field trips 2023/2024


Tour operator:

MIKON Mineralienkontor GmbH
extratour Göttingen Reisebüro GmbH


 If you like to join us - please contact us for further details and dates!


Schweden 25.5.-5.6.2023

Indonesien/Fiji 4.7.-2.8.2023

Mexiko + USA (Tucson Shows) – 1.1.-14.2.2024




Mikon - Mineral Trip Prospecting Adventure in Mexico and Mineral Fairs in Tucson


January - February 14, 2023

(mineral fairs from 26.1.2022)


Look forward to a unique trip with exceptional sites! Great mining operations await you!


You will be active directly on site above and below ground. Depending on the find yield, the planning takes place on site, competently supported by the tour guide with over 30 years of experience.


In Tucson you will visit the world's largest mineral show, where we also offer you the sale of your finds.


Travel time: January 1 - February 14, 2023

can be extended on request



  1.1.23: Arrival in Phoenix                                 

  2.1.23: El Paso

  3.1.23: Charcas (Danburite)

  4.1.23: Charcas (Danburite)

  5.1.23: Charcas (Danburite)

  6.1.23: Durango (Cerro Mercado)

  7.1.23: Durango (Cerro Mercado)

  8.1.23: Mapimi (Mina Navidad, Mina Ojuela)

  9.1.23: Mapimi (Mina Navidad, Mina Ojuela)

1/10/23: Mapimi (Mina Navidad, Mina Ojuela)

11.1.23: Múzquiz (Fluorite)

1/12/23: Múzquiz (Fluorite)

1/13/23: Múzquiz (Fluorite)

1/14/23: St. Eulalia

15.1.23: St. Eulalia

16.1.23: St. Eulalia

17.1.23: El Paso

1/18/23: Tucson

19.1.23: Tucson

1/20-23: Tucson

21.1.23: Tucson

1/22-23: Tucson

1/23: Tucson

1/24/23: Tucson

1/25/23: Tucson

1/26/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show movie theater)

1/27/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

1/28/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

1/29/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

1/30/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

1/31/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  2/1/2013: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  2.2.23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show cinema)

  2/3/2013: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  2/4/2013: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  5.2.23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show cinema)

  2/6/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  2/7/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  2/8/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

  2/9/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

2/10/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

2/11/23: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

2/12/2013: Tucson (Gem & Mineral Show Cinema)

2/13/23: Tucson

14.2.23: Departure Phoenix or Tucson (or indiv. extension)

Destinations and length of stay can be changed on the spot at short notice depending on the yield!



Itinerary, vehicles and routes:

Flight arrival to Phoenix/USA
Prospecting tour through Mexico
End of the prospecting tour in Phoenix, preparation of finds
Participation in the mineral fairs in Tucson
Return flight to Germany from Tucson/Phoenix


Finds - shipment:

Distribution of the finds among the tour participants
most valuable finds will be sold by lot
shipment of the finds by sea container from the USA


Mineral buying and selling opportunities:

Variety of opportunities to purchase minerals from local vendors
Buying minerals at the TUCSON Show
Selling minerals at the TUCSON Show at the MIKON booth - a great way to lower your trip price!



Round trip in off-road vehicle according to the country category during the prospecting tour
Visa for Mexico
visit of the mines with corresponding prospecting opportunities
expert tour guide, speaks English and Spanish
Mineral identification on site
Cleaning and packing of the minerals in Arizona
Participation in the fair in Tucson with sales possibility at the booth of MIKON



the trip is not a recreational trip - adventurous and strenuous
good health condition required, participation at your own risk.
This trip is not suitable for people with limited mobility.


Price per person: 1995.00 EUR

Deposit: 399.- EURO of the tour price (after receiving the travel confirmation)

Final payment: 1596.- EURO (28 days before departure)

No minimum number of participants!


Not included services:



Germany - Phoenix/Tucson - Germany

We are happy to book your individual flight!


Accommodation & meals:

during the prospecting tour

Overnight stay in small hotels

Costs approx. 20 to 30 US$ per day and person

Shopping / restaurant visits will be made on site

costs approx. 10 to 15 US$ per day and person

during the fair:

Costs for overnight stay and catering


Shipping of the minerals to Germany

Calculation according to weight at current conditions


Travel insurance, ESTA application, Corona test


























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