We are opening our new warehouse in Tucson, AZ!

Now almost all items from our online catalog are physically in the US, not only in Europe anymore.

The only exceptions will be the immense rare species/systematic minerals stock that is still in Germany and will be sent directly from there.

But as they are not heavy, shipping from Europe to the US is actually most times cheaper than within the US by the post office.

We are working hard to bring you a one-stop-shop source for all of your mineral collecting hobby needs.

Display specimens to rare species, fold up boxes, and flats to put them in,

Classy euro-style plastic display cases and the GEO TAC to mount your specimens.

We offer it all ... Power sprayer water guns, microscopes, UV lights, Zuber trimmers, and much, much more.

Thanks for your interest, have fun and I hope you will find something of interest!





Now due to the strong Dollar against the EURO all our products made in Europe and particularly made in Germany are app. 20% cheaper!

Check it out, it may not last very long!




Featured - New rough rocks available!

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