RayTech Tumbler (spirator); Tumbler Vibe TV-10, 220V, made in USA!; 1 piece

Item number
SAW M1002848

RayTech Tumbler (spirator), Tumbler Vibe TV-10 with 110V or 220V, made in USA!, 1 piece.


Light duty finishing & rinsing

The industrial model TV-10 has light duty drive and suspension combined with a tough, cross-linked polyethylene 10 inch bowl. Bowl capacity is 0.10 cubic feet (35 to 40 rings), has a noise reducing lid and a liquid drain. The machine is equipped for use with Raytech's FT-20 compound rinsing system.

Shipping Weight: 12 lbs, 1.05 cubic feet



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shipment-weight, NOT netto weight (kg) 7.000000

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