Lybian Desert Glas (Tektite); Libya, piece 2.8 cm; 16 g

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Libyan desert glass, tektite, yellow to light greenish transparent


16 g

2.8 x 2.3 x 1.2 cm


This beautiful bright transparent tektite was formed like the Moldavite by a meteorite impact in North Africa in todays Libya and Egypt. Due to the high pressure and heat during the impact of the meteorite, the surface sand was melted and the liquid melt was scattered very far. The so-called desert glass consists of 98% lechatelierite (natural quartz glass) and inclusions of baddeleyite as well as traces of the meteorite could be detected. The stone is already more than 30 million years old and was formed by the enormous heat when the meteorite hit the earth.


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