Freiberg Geological Compass with mirror and inclinometer (Typ A); 1 piece

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Original Freiberg geological compass, type A with mirror and inclinometer, lacquered, 1 piece.


The geological compass has a mirror on the inside of the lid. It includes a rear sight and a front sight. It is equipped with a pendulum clinometer with which you can make inclination measurements with high accuracy.
The declination value can be adjusted by means of a gear wheel. To eliminate the inclination, the needle is equipped with a sliding copper weight.
The leveling is possible by the attached circular and tubular bubble. Locking of the magnetic system is possible. The graduated circles can be easily adjusted. With drop measuring plate to protect the cover glass as for measuring drop angles.

Technical data:

Compass pitch circle
numbered every 10° (10 gon)
diameter 45 mm
scale value 2° (2 gon)
Estimate 0.5° (0.5 gon)

Height graduated circle on drop measuring plate
Diameter 22 mm
Scale value 5° (5 gon)
Estimate 1° (1 gon)
Clinometer Measuring range ± 90° (± 100 gon)
Scale value 2° (2 gon)
Estimate 0.5° (0.5 gon)

Contact edge
Graduation length 70 mm
Scale value 1 mm

Settling time of the magnetic needle < 50s
Accuracy of direction indication ± 0.5° (± 0.5 gon)
Declination setting arbitrary
Tilting range of the drop measuring plate 225° (250 gon)
Indication of circular bubble approx. 40'
Indication of tubular vial approx. 60'
Instrument dimensions 93 x 76 x 22 mm
Weight 0,28 kg.

With leather carry case


In the "Type A" version, the marking is superficially applied (painted) on the side.
With the "Type B", which is also available from us, the marking is engraved on the side.

Link to the Freiberg Geological Compass Type B



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