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Elements, set of 78 different elements and 33 alloys


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Shipping weight, NOT item weight: 5.00 kg
78 different elements and 33 alloys forming one set.Element-Set
H in (H2O), He, Li, Be, B, C (Graphit), C (Diamant), C-60, N, O, F in (NaF), Na in (NaCl), Mg, Al, Si, P in K3PO4, S, Cl in (NaCl), K in (KCl), Ca in (CaO), Sc, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, Ge, As, Se, Br in (KBrO3), Rb in (Rb-Muscovit), Sr in (SrCO3), Y in (Y2O3), Zr, Nb, Mo, Ru in (Ru,Ir,Os), Rh in (Ru,Ir,Os), Pd in PGM, Ag, Cd, In, α-Sn, β-Sn, Sb, Te, J, Cs in (Rhodizite), Ba in (BaSO4), La in (La2O3), Ce in (CeO2), Pr in (PrO2), Nd in (Nd2O3), Sm in (Sm2O3), Eu in (Eu2O3), Gd in (Gd2O3), Tb in (Tb4O7), Dy in (Dy2O3), Ho in (Ho2O3), Er in (Er2O3), Tm in (Tm2O3), Yb, Hf, Ta, W, Re, Os in Os-Ir, Ir in Os-Ir, Pt, Au, Hg, Tl in (Tl-sulfosalz), Pb, Bi, Th, U in (UO2)

TiFe2, WC, CuO, Ti-Cr-Ni, KF, Mn-Fe, Si-Ca, Fe-Cr-Ni-Mo, Fe-Cr-C, Mg-Al-S-Ca, Bi-Te, CaF2, Messing, Cu-Al-Zn (Devarda-alloy), Cu0,5Al0,45Zn0,05 (Arndt-alloy), Sn-Pb, Zn-Cd, Fe-Pb-Sn, Cu-Cr, NiAl (Raney-alloy), Cr-Ti-Al, Fe-Nb-Zr, Ca-Si, Ni-B, Ca0,5Si0,5, WM80-Leg., Fe-Mo, Ga-Sb, Fe-Cr, Fe-Mn-Si-Al, Fe-B, FeV2, SiFe

Elements, set of 78 different elements and 33 alloys

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