Top end lot from the Luis Leite collection! Mainly Tsumeb and South Africa!

Item number

19 specimen, all cabinet size!

From Tsumeb: Wulfenite, Mottramite, Anglesite, Chalcotrichite, Leadhillite, Calcite, Dolomite.

From Kuruman: Shigaite, Gaudefroyite, gemmy Calcite

From Namibia: Fluorite B2 Gold Mine, Amethyst Brandberg, Barite Rosh Pinah, Cassiterite Uis, Smithsonite Berg Aukas, Fluorite Okaruso, Tourmaline Erongo.

on top of this there is a great Iodargyrite from Broken Hill, Australia as well!

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shipment-weight, NOT netto weight (kg) 10.000000

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