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These are all scientific publications by our staff mamber Dipl. Geo-physist Steffen Moeckel illustrating our intense mineralogical research.


Milanriederite, (Ca,REE)19Fe3+Al4(Mg,Al,Fe3+)8Si18O68(OH,O)10, a new vesuvianite-group mineral from the Kombat Mine, Namibia. Nikita V.CHUKANOV, Taras L., PANIKOROVSKII, Alexey G. GONCHAROV, Igor V. PEKOV, Dmitriy I.BELAKOVSKIY, Sergey N. BRITVIN, Steffen MÖCKEL and Svetlana A.VOZCHIKOVA, Eur. J. Mineral. 2019, 31, 637–646

New insights into the crystal chemistry of agardite-(Ce): refinement of the crystal structure, hydrogen bonding, and epitaxial intergrowths with the Sb-analogue of auriacusite. Sergey M. Aksenov, Nikita V. Chukanov, Jörg Göttlicher, Steffen Möckel, Dmitriy Varlamov, Konstantin V. Van, Ramiza K. Rastsvetaeva, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, January 2018, Volume 45, Issue 1, pp 39–50

  Christofschäferite-(Ce), (Ce,La,Nd)4Mn2+(Ti,Fe3+)3(Fe3+,Fe2+,Ti)(Si 2O7)2O8, a new chevkinite-group mineral from the Eifel area, Germany. Chukanov N.V., Aksenov S.M., Rastsvetaeva R.K., Belakovskiy D.I., Göttlicher J., Britvin S.N., Möckel S., New Data on Minerals, 47, 2012, 33-42

Kottenheimite, Ca3Si(SO4)2(OH)6·12H2O, a new ettringite-group mineral from the Eifel area, Germany.
Chukanov, N.V., Britvin, S.N., Van, K.V., Möckel, S., Zadov, A.E., Canadian Mineralogist, 50, , 2012, 55-63

Oxyphlogopite, K(Mg,Ti,Fe)3[(Si,Al)4O10](O,F)2, a new mica-group mineral.  Chukanov, N.V., Mukhanova, A.A., Rastsvetaeva, R.K., Belakovskiy, D.I.,
 Möckel, S., Karimova, O.V., Britvin, S.N., S.V. Krivovichev, S.V. Zapiski  RMO, 2010, 139

Nickeltalmessite, Ca2Ni(AsO4)2*2H2O – a new fairfieldite-group mineral  from Bou Azzer, Marocco. N.V. Chukanov, A.A. Mukhanova, S. Möckel, D.I.
 Belakovskiy, L.A. Levitskaya, Zapiski RMO, N 4, 2009, 32-39

Kamarizaite Fe33+(AsO4)2(OH)3*3H2O – a new mineral, arsenate analogue of  tinticite. N.V. Chukanov, I.V. Pekov, S. Möckel, A.A. Mukhanova, D.I.
 Belakovskiy, L.A. Levitskaya, G.K. Bekenova, Zapiski RMO, N 3, 2009,  100-108

New data on titanium-rich biotite: a problem of “wodanite”. N.V. Chukanov,
 K.A. Rozenberg, R.K. Rastsvetaeva, S. Möckel, New Data on  Minerals Vol. 43, 2009, 72-78.

The Crystal Structure of an Iron Rich Variety of Zanazziite Belonging to Heteropolyhedral Framework Roscherite Group Beryllophosphates. R.K. Rastsvetaeva, K.A. Rozenberg,  N.V. Chukanov, S. Möckel, Crystallography Reports, 2009, Vol. 54, No. 4, pp. 568–571.

Arsenuranospathite, Al(UO2)2(AsO4)2F•20H2O: Formula revision and relationships with allied uranyl arsenates and phosphates. Chukanov, N.V., Möckel, S., Sidorenko, G.A., Zaitsev, V.A., Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie - Abhandlungen, 2009, 185, 305-312.

Footemineite, the Mn-analog of atencioite, from the Foote mine, Kings Mountain, Cleveland County, North Carolina, U.S.A., and its relationship with other roscherite-group minerals. Atencio, D., Matioli, P.A., Smith, J.B., Chukanov, N.V., Coutinho, J.M.V., Rastsvetaeva, R.K., Möckel, S. American Mineralogist, 2008, 93, 1-6.

Zinclipscombite, ZnFe2 3 +(PO4)2(OH)2, a New Mineral Species. N. V. Chukanov, I. V. Pekov, S. Möckel, A. E. Zadov and V. T. Dubinchuk, Geology of Ore Deposits, 2007, Vol. 49, No. 7, pp. 13–17.

Zincolivenite CuZn(AsO4)(OH): A New Adamite-Group Mineral with Ordered Distribution of Cu and Zn.N. V. Chukanov, D. Yu. Pushcharovsky, N. V. Zubkova, I. V. Pekov, M. Pasero, S. Merlino, S. Möckel, M. Kh. Rabadanov and D. I. Belakovskiy, Doklady Earth Sciences, 2007, Vol. 415A, No. 6, pp. 841–845.

Ruifrancoite, a new Fe3+-dominant monoclinic roscherite-group mineral from Galiléia, Minas Gerais, Brazil. D. ATENCIO, N.V. CHUKANOV, J.M.V. COUTINHO, L.A.D. MENEZEZ FILHO, V.T. DUBINCHUK & S. MÖCKEL The Canadian Mineralogist 2007, Vol. 45, pp 1263-1273

Zincolivenite, CuZn(AsO4)(OH), a new mineral of the adamit group. N.V. Chukanov, D. YU. Pushcharovsky, N.V. Zubkova, I.V. Pekov, M. Pasero, S. Merlino, S. Möckel, M.C. Rabadanov, D.I.Belakovsky, Doklady Akademii Nauk, 2007, Vol. 415, No. 3, pp. 377–382

Chamosite, una novità per due classiche località italiane. Marco E. Ciriotti, Domenico Preite, Günter Blaß, Steffen Möckel, Gian Carlo Piccoli, MICRO, Nr 1, Volume 2007, pp 39-42

The roscherite group and its new representative member atencioite, Ca2Fe2+□Mg2Fe2+2Be4(PO4)6(OH)4•6H2O. Chukanov, N.V., Rastsvetaeva, R.K., Möckel, St., Zadov, A.E., Levitskaya, L.A. (2006). New Data on Minerals, 41,18-25.

Zinclipscombit ZnFe3+2(PO4)2(OH)2 – A New Mineral.  N.V. Chukanov, I.V. Pekov, S. Möckel, A.E.Zadov, V.T. Dubinchuk, Zapiski (Proceedings of the Russian Mineralogical Society) PtCXXXV, Nr.6., 2006, 13-18

Crystal structures of two new low-symmetry calcium-deficient analogs of eudialyte. R.K. Rastsvetaeva, K.A. Rozenberg, I.V. Pekov, N.V.Chukanov and S. Möckel, Crystallography Reports, Volume 51, Nr. 2, March 2006, 205-211

Cualstibite: ritrovamenti italiani. Ciriotti, M.E., Möckel, S., Blaß, G., Bortolozzi, G., 19 MICRO (UK report), 2006, 19-24

ATENCIOITE, Ca2Fe2+□Mg2Fe2+2Be4(PO4)6(OH)4•6H2O, a NEW MINERAL  N.V. CHUKANOV, St. MÖCKEL, III. Mineral diversity Symposium Sofia 2005, Abstract Gjerdingenite-Mn from Norway - a new mineral species in the labuntsovite group: descriptive data and crystal structure. G. RAADE, N.V. CHUKANOV, U. KOLITSCH, S. MÖCKEL, A.E. ZADOV, I.V. PEKOV., €pean Journal of Mineralogy N° 6/2004  Novita 2003 da Gambatesa: Manganarsite (3. Ritrovamento Mondiale), Calce (Lime) e Portlandite, Ciriotti, M.E., Möckel, S., MICRO (UK report), 2004, 7-12

Larisaite, Na(H3O)(UO2)3(SeO3)2O2•4H2O, a new uranyl selenite mineral from Repete mine, San Juan County, Utah, U.S.A. N.V. CHUKANOV, D. YU. PUSHCHAROVSKY, M. PASERO, S. MERLINO, A.V. BARINOVA, S. MÖCKEL, I.V. PEKOV, A.E. ZADOV, V.T. DUBINCHUK, €pean Journal of Mineralogy, 2004, 16, 367-374

Ferrosaponite Ca0.3(Fe2+,Mg,Fe3+)3(Si,Al)4O10(OH)2•4H2O ein neues trioktaedrisches Smektit (Evenkiya) (in russ.). Chukanov N.V., Pekov I.V., Zadov A.E., Chukanova V.N., Möckel S. (2003), Zapiski Vse.Mineral.Obshch., 132, 68-74

Characteristic Structural Features of a Tantalum-Rich Eudialyte Variety from Brazil. R. K. Rastsvetaeva, N. V. Chukanov, and S. Möckel Crystallography Reports Vol 48(2) pp. 216-221. March 2003

Greifensteinite. N. V. Chukanov, and S. Möckel, R. K. Rastsvetaeva, American Mineralogist, Vol. 88, pp.1176-1177, 2003

Greifensteinit aus Sachsen, Österreich, Cornwall, USA, Brasilien und Kasachstan. Von Dr. Nikita V. Chukanov; Steffen Möckel, Burkersdorf; Dr. Ramiza K. Raszvetaeva und Aleksandr E. Zadov, Moskau (RU) Lapis April 2003

Greifensteinit Ca2Be4(Fe2+,Mn)5(PO4)6(OH)4*6H2O – ein neues Mineral aus den Greifensteinen, Sachsen (in russ.). N. V. Chukanov, and S. Möckel, R. K. Rastsvetaeva A. E. Zadov, Zapiski Vse.Mineral.Obshch., Nr. 4 2002 pp. 47-52

Seltene Palladium-Mineralien und die besten Platinkristalle aus Konder, Jakutien. Dr. Stefan Weiß, München; Steffen Möckel, Burkersdorf und Dr. Peter Kolesar, Kempten, Lapis November 2002

Wallkilldellit und weitere 8 Neubestimmungen aus Lavrion. Steffen Moeckel, Burkersdorf November 2001 Lapis

Mineralien der Quecksilberlagerstätte Nikitovka in der Ukraine. Steffen Möckel, Nikolai Frischmann, Mineralienwelt 3. Jg., Heft 3 Mai-Juni 1992