UV Lamp, Konrad Benda - Herolab; Short and Longwave UV-15 S/L, UVA + UVC, Made in Germany; 1 piece

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UV lamp, Konrad Benda - Herolab, short and long wave UV-15 S/L, UVA + UVC, 1 piece


In Germany manufactured professional UV analysis lamp with many different application possibilities.

Technical data:

254 and 365 nm 2x15 watt short and long wave UV lamp with filter area 11 2/5 x 2 1/3 inch (290x60 mm), intensity 1200 and 1300 µW/qcm.


   - Laboratory:

  •    Detection of fluorescent substances in biological and chemical applications.
  •    in medical work: Verification of disinfection

   - in manufacturing: 

  •    non-destructive material testing, material testing, crack testing
  •    curing of adhesives, potting compounds, varnishes etc..
  •    Inspection of coatings e.g. protective lacquer for printed circuit boards or lubricant for bolts
  •    Recognition of the tin side in the production of float glass

   - in hobby:

   Fluorescence excitation of minerals



ultraviolet, black light lamp, short waves, shine, examine, discover, spectrum, welllenspektrum

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