Universal Machine For Fully Automatic Soilmechanic Analyses - Advanced Soil Analyer ASA-1 (TYP Wille)

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This universal testing machine can be used for several soil mechanical testing procedures when it is equipped with the according testing inserts and adapters. • Direct-Residual shear test • Simple-shear tests • Creeping tests • Vienna shear test (with constant height) • Compression (oedometer) tests • Special swell tests and swell pressure tests • Uniaxial compression tests • Triaxial tests This fully automatic universal testing device includes all our experience after years of manufacturing shear machines, in particular wall friction compensation, guidance of shear boxes and producing repeatable test results. Sophisticated robust construction combined with high quality mechanic and electronic components of industrial standard. Electronically data transmission by high precise measuring sensors and fully automatically control of the normal stress by an electromechanically precision drive (processor-controlled, direct force measurement). The device can be operated directly by a touch sensitive keypad or remote controlled by a PC with adequate software. Easy specimen fitting and cleaning. Different software modules and sample testing inserts are available due to the desired application.
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