Optika Stereomicroscope SLX-2 Binocular Zoom

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The stereomicroscopes of the SLX series are instruments specifically designed for the laboratory and industry. Their optical and mechanical qualities place them at the top of the most favourite category for aplliances due to their exceptional price/quality ratio. Sharing the same optical system, consisting of binocular and trinocular heads with zoom objectives, the four models of the SZM series find their proper application wherever professional instruments are required at a particularly reasonable cost. The numerous accessories provide an ample choice of possible configurations and extend the flexible use of the instruments. Basic set: binocular head 45° inclined, 360° rotating, zoom objective 0.7x to 4.5x, eyepieces WF 10x/23, with reflected and transmitted ilumination, halogen 12V/20W. Light intensity adjustable for both lighting units.

Observation Method - Transmitted Light Brightfield: Yes

Observation Method - Incident Light Brightfield: Yes

Head Type: Binocular
Construction material: Aluminum & Plastic molds / Aluminum gears
Inclination: 45°
360° rotating: Yes
Interpupillary distance (mm): 51-75
Dioptric adjustment: On both tubes
Head holder internal diameter (mm): 76
Tube inner diameter (mm): 30

Eyepieces Field number (mm): 21
Magnification: 10x
Micrometric scale: As optional
Diameter of micrometer glass (mm): 23
High eyepoint (for glass wearers): Yes
Rubber cup: Yes
Retractable protections: Yes

Objective Optical system: Greenough
Anti-fungus treatment: Yes
Objective Type: Achromatic
Zoom type: Parfocal achromatic
Working distance (mm): 100
Standard magnifications: 7x-45x
Zoom ratio: 6,43

Focusing System Type: Coarse
Coarse total travel (mm): 110
Adjustable tension: Yes
Head holder internal diameter (mm): 76

Stand Type: Fixed arm
Handle: Yes

White diffusion plate for transmitted illumination: Yes, diameter 100 mm
Black/white contrast plate for incident illumination: As optional
Specimen clips: Yes

Transmitted Illumination: Type EcoLED
Brightness control: Manual
Lifetime (hours): > 65,000
Temperature (K): 6,300

Incident Illumination Type: EcoLED
Brightness control: Manual
Lifetime (hours): > 65,000
Temperature (K): 6,300

Power Supply for Illumination Type: External
Microscope connector: Jack, 2.1 mm
Power plug type: Multi-plug (EU, UK, US)
Input voltage: 100/240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Output voltage: 5 Vdc 500 mA
LED indicator: Yes
Rechargeable batteries: Yes
Battery type: Ni-MH (3x, AA size)
Working time of batteries (hours): 12
Charging time of batteries (hours): 8

Accessories Included:
Dust cover: Yes
User Manual: Digital version (downloadable)

Additional Information:
Maximum sample height (mm): 100

Product Dimensions:
Total height (mm): 365
Head height (mm): 230
Head width (mm): 140
Head depth (mm): 150
Base height (mm): 30
Base width (mm): 205
Base depth (mm): 280

Product Weight (kg): 3,5

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shipment-weight, NOT netto weight (kg) 10.000000
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