Beginner mineral set; with mineral gripper and label pad; 1 piece

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Beginner minerals set with 10 different minerals, spring arm tweezers and a label block, 1 piece.


This great starter set includes 10 different selected minerals from around the world and also a spring arm tweezers and a label block.

This set is a great addition to the first beginner mineral set.

There are again many interesting pieces, with the spring arm tweezers you have then also a super grip to inspect the individual pieces exactly.

So that the set is also suitable for beginners, the individual minerals in their exhibition boxes are all determined and provided with a note on the bottom of the bottom.

In addition, there are also 2 empty exhibition boxes and some fixing putty to then decorate them yourself with selected stones and thus steadily expand the collection.


Included in the Starter Set:

1x unfired Tanzanite from Tanzania

1x Eudialyte from Norra Kärr in Sweden

1x Willemit (Uv active!) from Franklin Mine in New Jersey USA

1x Kyanite crystal, yellow to blue-green from Tanzania

1x Unakite from South Africa

1x garnet amphibolite from Sweden

1x aventurine from Tanzania

1x geode part from Morocco

1x calcite from Madagascar

1x lepidolite (with some spodumene) from Usakos in Namibia

12x exhibition box t4h

1x spring arm tweezers

1x labels/identification block

1x strip of putty


Picture shows samples!


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